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Keeping house cats as pets is very rewarding. House cats are great company and need less attention than dogs. But before you rush into buying cats as house pets, consider whether you are suitable for keeping house cat and whether your house is pet cat friendly.

Pet Ownership Is A Life Long Commitment

As with dogs and any other pets, keeping house cats is a life long commitment. A pet cat can live as long as 20 years so you must be mentally prepared to take care of your house cat for the duration of it's life. Many people abandon their pet cats when they find that keeping a house cat is too much of a burden. That would be cruel as abandoned house cats do not survive for long on their own. Even if they are sent to the animal shelter, many of house cats would be put to sleep if nobody adopt them. If you are committed to give proper care to your house cats, then keeping house cats would be a mutually rewarding experience. So much so that at the end of a long and wonderful relationship, the parting with their pet can be a very painful experience for some house cat owners.

Take Your Time To Decide Before Getting A Pet Cat

When deciding on whether to keep house cats, you need to consider your family members as well. In effect, you are introducing a new member to the family by keeping a house cat. You should learn about the needs of house cats and how to take proper care of them when keeping house cats. Learn how to prepare your house for keeping house cats. Check out the tips on how to choose a healthy house cat. Prepare yourself and train your house cat well, you will then have a long and rewarding relationship with your pet.

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